Ministry of Education introduces school clothing line to 'reduce financial burden'

The authority said it was eager to reduce costs for parents

New uniforms approved by the Ministry of Eduction wil be available at 85 outlets from August 18. Courtesy Ministry of Education
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All public school children across the country will wear a standardised line of uniforms available at fixed prices in the new term in an effort to reduce the "financial burden" on parents.

The new attire - approved by the Ministry of Education - will be available at 85 shops in the Emirates from August 18.

The uniforms will come in shades of light and dark blue and will carry the same crest.

Pupils will be given pink uniforms for physical education classes.

"The Ministry took into account the process of determining the prices of uniforms in order to be sensitive to the economic circumstances and considerations of families so as not to have any financial burden on them," tweeted the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.

Last year, The National reported that parents of children in private schools were frustrated at the high cost of uniforms as schools demanded families buy uniforms only at approved retail outlets.

Some families said they had to pay thousands of dirhams on clothing, bags and gym kits every year.

Uniforms will be available for all grades across the schools.

In order to make the process easy for parents, they can obtain the uniform at any allocated outlet.

The Ministry of Education did not reveal the price of the uniforms or give a list of the retailers from which they can be bought.