Education authorities' guidelines on discipline

What the education authorities have to say about discipline in schools.

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In Abu Dhabi:

Action for unacceptable behaviour can include verbal warning from the teacher, a letter home to parents, withdrawal from school activities or a short suspension. All disciplinary measures must be age and gender-appropriate and firm, fair and consistent. Parents can report negative behaviour to Adec, which will then be investigated

In Dubai:

A behaviour management policy must be developed and shared with the school community. It should reflect zero tolerance for verbal, emotional and physical abuse from staff and pupils. Any form of abuse must be reported to the relevant government authorities and, when reported, a thorough investigation will be conducted and results will be shared with parents and other individuals involved.

Ministry of Education guidelines:

A code of conduct document in English and Arabic has been distributed to all schools. It divides pupil offences into five categories detailing steps that teachers and principals must follow to address each. Disciplinary action includes community service and expulsion in serious cases. Teachers are expected to follow a non-violence police when addressing misbehaviour and penalties for teachers who do not comply include a pay cut, suspension or termination depending on the severity.

* Afshan Ahmed