Coronavirus: UAE bans private tutoring amid Covid-19 outbreak

The ban does not extend to distance learning

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The UAE has banned private tutoring at homes or in educational institutions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Education said the ban did not extend to remote learning.

The ban is the latest measure brought in by the UAE government to limit the spread of Covid-19.

This week, it was announced that distance learning would be extended for all schools and universities until the end of the academic year.

Dr Amna Al Dahak, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education, said the decision was made following advice from the UAE Cabinet.

"The decision comes with the aim of ensuring the continuity of education in the country under exceptional circumstances, while maintaining the security and safety of our pupils and the school community," Dr Al Dahak said.

She said the ministry was developing a smart solution for final assessments and examinations.

Parents have since called on schools to offer discounts on tuition fees and their children will not be using facilities on campus.

Some schools responded with discounts while others said they relied on tuition fees to pay their staff, who also have families to support.