Some UAE pupils face summer catch-up lessons after falling behind in pandemic

Headteachers say extra classes will help prepare children for exams and complete their syllabus on time

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Hundreds of pupils in the UAE will attend mandatory online catch-up lessons during the summer holidays.

Some Indian curriculum schools will offer classes and test pupils in exam years during the two-month break.

More than 300 pupils at India International School in Sharjah will tune in for online lessons.

Principal Manju Reji said the school will close for holidays on June 30, but pupils in grades 10 to 12 will have to attend extra classes in the first two weeks of July.

Only a few pupils are coming to school so we need more time to teach them, complete the syllabus, and give individual attention to each child
Principal Manju Reji, India International School

The children in exam years would also have a shorter break and resume lessons on August 15, while other pupils return on August 29.

Online classes will be held from 8am to 1pm daily.

“The classes will be every day and they will have studies as well as activities,” Ms Reji said.

“Only a few pupils are coming to school so we need more time to teach them, complete the syllabus, and give individual attention to each child.

“Pupils also lack writing practice because of distance learning.

“In the last academic year, they had a reduced syllabus, but it will not happen this year."

Of 5,600 pupils, only 1,000 opted for in-person classes this year.

The school also reduced timings by an hour to limit screen time.

“The classes will help them get ready for university,” Ms Reji said.

“In the extra lessons we will focus on science, math, reading, English, and pupils will be able to work in virtual labs.”

Delhi Private School in Dubai will hold some exams for select pupils after getting approvals from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, the emirate's private schools regulator.

Principal Rashmi Nandkeolyar said summer exams will be for pupils in grades 10 and 12, with plans to hold virtual classes for three weeks.

“The lessons will make up for lost time,” she said.

“We have to ensure that children understand core concepts properly.

“We could have added extra classes after school, but they would not have had enough time to fully understand the concepts."

"We need to add a few more days because the syllabus is extensive in these grades.

“For pupils in exams years, we will have online half-yearly exams during the holidays.”

Pupils at Bright Riders School in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, will not have organised extra classes during the holiday, but can reach out to teachers for additional support.

“In the summer holidays, we cannot open the school for all the pupils but they can contact teachers for help. We do not want to make it a rule,” said principal Rishikesh Padegaonkar.

He said it was important to respect teacher's summer break and their time off.

The school offers hour-long remedial lessons, online and in-person classes for children in grades one to 12 twice a week after school hours.

Updated: July 01, 2021, 5:04 AM