e-Dirham to replace cash payments at Daman branches

Customers will soon be able to pay for insurance premiums and service charges using e-Dirham

e-Dirham will replace cash payments at all Daman branches at service points from January, the National Health Insurance Company said on Monday.

Yousif Al Khanjari, chief financial officer at Daman, said e-Dirham will be rolled out following six months of successful testing in a bid to simplify customer transactions and decrease waiting time.

Daman began trialing e-Dirham in June by allowing clients to pay for insurance premiums and service charges using the Abu Dhabi government debit card at its branches across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

"Payments on the e-Dirham platform are instantaneous, meaning that there is no need to allow time for cheques to clear or even count out change when paying in cash. The e-Dirham platform provides a streamlined payment system and is widely available for all customers to take advantage of," said Mr Al Khanjari.

Last year, 38.6 million cashless transactions were made by e-Dirham, according to the Ministry of Finance.


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Published: December 25, 2017 01:43 PM