Dubai Zen Tower fire actually caused by electrical fault

The fire was previously thought to have been caused by a flammable substance catching fire


Aftermath of Zen tower fire.

The blaze forced more than 100 residents to flee the Dubai Marina tower and left the building badly damaged. It began in the kitchen of a business on the ground floor, investigators believe.

(Photo by Reem Mohammed/The National)

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The fire that broke in Dubai's Zen Tower last month is believed to have started on the first floor due to a shorted circuit, before quickly spreading to the whole tower.

Fire and rescue chief Brig Rashid Khalifa Buflasa had previously said the cause was an unspecified flammable substance, which caught alight and quickly spread to the rest of Zen Tower.

A report issued by Al Barsha police station said the fire was exacerbated by furniture and high winds.

More than 100 residents were forced to flee the tower, and dozens of families have been staying in hotels or with friends since the fire took place on May 13.

The first five floors of the tower suffered the most damage, though the flames reached the upper floors.

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, head of fire investigation at Dubai Police's forensics department, previously told The National that officers were looking into whether the blaze was caused by "carelessness".


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