Dubai Zen Tower blaze: Cause of fire revealed

Dubai Civil Defence say blaze began in a kitchen of a ground floor business, spurred on by a unspecified flammable substance

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A fire that forced more than 100 residents to flee a Dubai Marina tower and left the building badly damaged began in the kitchen of a business on the ground floor, investigators believe.

Fire and rescue chief Brigadier Rashid Khalifa Buflasa said an unspecified flammable substance caught alight and quickly spread to the rest of Zen Tower.

The first five floors appeared to suffer the most damage, though the flames reached the upper floors on the morning of May 13.

There are several businesses and restaurants located on the ground floor and the officer said he could not state which it was by name at this stage.


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Investigations are continuing and a formal cause will be released at a later date.

“High winds helped the fire to spread quickly,” he added.

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, head of fire investigation at Dubai Police's forensics department, said officers are looking into whether the blaze was caused by "carelessness".

Dozens of families have stayed in hotels and with friends since the fire. Some are still to learn the condition of their apartments and fear the worst given the blaze cracked most of the windows, leading to smoke pouring in.

Speaking at the scene last week, Egyptian Ahmed Mostafa told The National that he saw flames rising from the base of the building.

"Suddenly the alarm was on, and when I went to the kitchen I saw the fire from the window, from outside so I ran down the stairs.

"When I was outside the main door I saw the smoke coming out of the lobby.

"I only worry about my passport, that's it - other than that I'm fine. Thank God."