Dubai woman raped twice by WhatsApp friend

The man allegedly raped her after inviting her for dinner

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A Dubai woman who struck up a WhatsApp-based friendship with a man she met at work was allegedly raped twice by him.

Prosecutors told judges at Dubai Criminal Court that the woman, a Filipino accountant, 25, met the defendent at the supermarket where she worked one month before the alleged incident, which took place on November 14 last year.
They exchanged numbers and messaged on WhatsApp before the accused, 29, from Pakistan, invited her to join him for dinner.
"On the day of the incident, I sent him a message to check he was OK and after chatting for a while, he invited me out. I said yes," the woman told prosecutors.
He picked her up from her residence and the pair had dinner, but when she wanted to go home, the man insisted they had tea together first. 
"He drove to Al Qudra Road and stopped by a cafeteria. He ordered the drinks, before driving to an area I didn't know," she said.
The man allegedly stopped his car in an unlit sandy area then dragged her out of the passenger seat and raped her.
"I kicked him, trying to escape, but he bit my leg, choked me, slapped me and restricted my movement. Then he raped me twice," the woman told prosecutors.
She claimed that he threatened to kill her if she called the police, and then dropped her off at home.
"My friend saw me coming and asked me what happened. I told her, and then she helped me call the police," she said. 
A medical examination confirmed that aggressive sexual intercourse had taken place.
The accused was apprehended the following day and, according to police, admitted to the crime during questioning.

The man's court plea was not available as the hearing was held behind closed doors.
According to his arraignment sheet, he faced charges of kidnap and two counts of rape.
The next hearing was scheduled on February 19.