Dubai Police prevent floating restaurant from sinking in Dubai Creek

A rescue boat, crane and several divers were used to refloat the vessel

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Dubai Police rescued a restaurant boat that was sinking in Dubai Creek.

Divers and marine rescue teams from Civil Defence and Dubai Municipality used their expertise to save the venue, after the owner contacted officers.

Col Hassan Al Suwaidi, director of the Ports Police Station, said that as soon as police received the request for assistance they immediately co-ordinated with the General Directorate of Civil Defence and Dubai Municipality to carry out the rescue.

The flotation process involved two fully equipped rescue boats, a crane and several divers, said Lt Col Ali Al Naqbi, head of the Maritime Rescue Department at Dubai Police.

The team fixed anchors and checked the balance of the boat with the crane to stop it sinking further, while Civil Defence engineers pumped water from the vessel to reduce its weight.

As a result of their efforts, the boat was refloated and lifted on to its berth quickly.