Dubai police: black panther sighting just a domestic cat

Announcement follows days-long search of the Springs and Meadows area

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Dubai Police on Thursday confirmed the animal spotted in the Springs area was a domestic cat and not a wild animal.

After an examination of the area where the black cat was first sighted, wildlife experts concluded there was no evidence there was a jaguar on the loose in the neighbourhood, Dubai's Media Office said.

Officers reassured the public and community residents that the viral video of the animal was carefully analysed and experts determined that it was a domestic cat.

The force said it has taken all measures to ensure the safety of residents and urged the public to exercise caution when sharing information on social media.

Police and municipal officials spent several days looking into claims of a large wild animal on the prowl since Tuesday.

A video of the sighting, said to be in the Springs 3 area, was shared on the community’s dedicated Facebook page.