Dubai Municipality issues safe summer guide

A handbook containing tips on how to reduce fire risks and staying healthy during the summer will be released tomorrow.

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DUBAI // A handbook with tips on how to stay safe and healthy during the summer is being released today.

The advice is part of a Dubai Municipality campaign, “A moment of neglect can result in a lifetime of regret”, and will focus on fire prevention as well as personal health.

“We want people to be aware of the risks and know how to prevent them,” said Raed Al Marzouqi, head of the occupational-safety section at the municipality’s Health and Safety department.

“Summer is the time of year when everyone has their air conditioning on full power and there is a huge load on electricity consumption.

“Normally, people go on holiday during summer, so that helps reduce the load. With Ramadan happening during summer now, people will be staying in the country.”

Kitchens in homes and restaurants are in use all day during Ramadan as people prepare iftar and suhoor meals.

“All these factors will come into play at the same time, putting a huge load on electrical systems and, therefore, there is a higher potential for electrical fires to occur,” Mr Al Marzouqi said.

He stressed that people should ensure all their electrical systems were in good condition and carry out maintenance before Ramadan.

The campaign targets safety in the home and the workplace.

“We are trying to get more than 100,000 businesses signed up,” Mr Al Marzouqi said. “We will be distributing the booklet and other awareness material electronically so they can hand it out to workers.

“Exhaustion due to heat can cause accidents on the worksite, a simple lapse in concentration can be a deadly mistake.

Companies should look at scheduling all heavy work during morning hours when the heat is manageable.”