Dubai man charged with assaulting two police officers

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the attack happened on August 24

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An Emirati man has been charged with assaulting two policemen outside a home in Dubai.

Prosecutors revealed the 21-year-old attacked the officers after they responded to a complaint of public nudity.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the man had appeared naked outside the same address in the emirate on several occasions prior to police being called.

When the home owner phoned officers on August 24, the defendant was fully clothed.

“We asked him to get into the police patrol and were about to handcuff him when he started assaulting us,” said one officer.

“My lips became swollen and my left shoulder and leg were injured due to the assault.

“I held him from behind but he kept striking me with his elbow. My colleague tried to help me control the defendant but he also attacked him.”

The man was later charged with physically assaulting the officers, who were both referred to hospital for treatment.

The hearing was adjourned until November 21.