Dubai Customs seizes 123,000 'potentially deadly' pills

Potentially deadly tablets containing a narcotic have been seized en route to European and Arab countries.

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DUBAI // A shipment of 123,000 potentially deadly tablets have been seized by Dubai Customs, officials said today.

The shipment contained an unidentified controlled narcotic, according to Dubai Customs, which can cause violent behavior, apathy, nervousness, hyperactivity, hallucinations, dizziness, fever, insomnia, jaundice and death.

According to Customs inspectors at the Dubai Airport Cargo Village, the drugs were heading to several European and Arab countries via Dubai.

"Customs inspectors at the Cargo Village suspected some consignments coming from two Arab countries and another African country. They recovered the narcotics and they were verified after health inspectors confirmed the drugs," said Omar Ahmed al Mehairy, senior manager of the air cargo operations department at Dubai Customs.