Dubai camel milk chocolate heads for Harrods

Dubai’s own artisan camel milk chocolate is now being sold in world famous Harrods in London, a firm favourite with Emiratis travelling to the city.

Al Nassma’s camel milk chocolate is now sold at upmarket Harrods in London. Courtesy Al Nassma
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DUBAI // Dubai’s own artisan camel milk chocolate is now being sold in London’s world-famous department store, Harrods.

Al Nassma, the seller, is the only producer of camel milk chocolate in the world.

Martin van Almsick, general manager at the company, said: “Ten years ago, a non-European premium chocolate was not even imaginable. Yet, here we are, a thriving UAE brand producing an authentic elite chocolate matching the highest standard. The fact that an upscale department store with a long tradition and an impeccable reputation such as Harrods, has opened its doors to a niche brand such as ours, reflects a global trend towards innovative, out-of-the-box luxury products.”

The locally-inspired brand was established in Dubai in 2008.

The camel milk chocolate concept has taken four years of research before coming to fruition.

Camel milk is prized for its historical significance as a dietary staple in the formative years of the UAE’s development, as well as for its health benefits, with a high vitamin and mineral content, antiviral and antibacterial properties and low fat content.

It has higher levels of potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, sodium and zinc and there is 10 times higher levels of iron and three times the amount of vitamin C.

It was also used by Bedouin as a natural cosmetic to bathe in, wash their hair and to protect them from the sun.

Mr van Almsick said that “as an exclusive product conceptualised and produced in the United Arab Emirates, that has rapidly gained global consumer appreciation, we feel that the exotic appeal will be well received by Harrods customers”.

So far, the chocolates are sold at a handful of locations – Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab hotel and Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.