Drunk man 'locks himself inside stranger's home'

Defendant attacked police officers dispatched to the scene

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A drunk stranger who fell asleep in the courtyard of a family’s home attacked several police officers dispatched to wake him up.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how a Pakistani resident phoned for help after finding the man outside his house in Al Rafaa, Dubai, on June 17.

The defendant, an unemployed man from the Comoros Islands, was too drunk to realise he was not at his own address.

When officers tried to reason with him he tried to choke one before picking up a metal candle holder and threatening to hit another.

He then walked inside the house, locking himself in one of the rooms.

“I tried to wake him up and ask him to leave but when he did he tried to get into my home,” said the Pakistani victim.

“He picked up a metal candle holder and tried to hit us with it if we came near him,” said a policeman.

Police officers were forced to call for back up before breaking into the room and arresting the man.

He denied assaulting and threatening the police officers, claiming he was too drunk to remember what had happened.

The hearing was adjourned until December 13.