Driver who tried to frame roommates for possessing drugs is jailed for filing false report

The man will serve three years in prison for filing a false report with police and has been referred to the Court of Misdemeanours for judgment on using a mind-altering substance

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A driver who tried to frame his two roommates in a drug case but was then arrested and charged with drug consumption will spend three years in prison.
Dubai Criminal Court was told the 34-year-old Bangladeshi defendant called Riffa police station on September 19 last year and reported his roommates for possessing and selling drugs.
"We arrested them at the apartment and found 12g of marijuana. The driver told us some of the marijuana was hidden in his roommate's pocket and the rest was hidden in a candy box," said a policeman, 37.
He said the sweets were still wrapped but the driver had opened them without his roommate knowing and placed the drugs inside to frame him and another roommate.
Court records did not revealed why he was trying to frame them.
Police arrested the driver who was then charged of lodging a false report, possessing marijuana used to frame his friends and with using the drug.
He admitted to using drugs but denied the other two charges.

On Thursday, the court sentenced him to three years in prison for lodging a false report and referred him to Dubai Court of Misdemeanours to face a charge of consuming a mind-altering substance.
He will be deported after serving his term.