Driver who cost man half a testicle in attack is jailed

Man sentenced to one year in prison for causing a 20 per cent disability

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A driver who kicked a man in the groin so hard that surgeons had to remove half his right testicle has been sentenced to a year in prison.
The incident took place on February 7 after the Egyptian victim was approached at a bus station in Al Rafaa, Dubai, by another man who was asking for directions.
"He wanted to know how he could get to Al Ain so I pointed at the bus that could take him there," the victim told the court.
Moments later, the Pakistani defendant - a 26-year-old unlicenced taxi driver - charged over and accused the man of costing him a customer.
"He told me that he was going to drive the man. I said that I had just answered the man's request for directions.

"He then grabbed my arm and when I pulled it back, he kicked me in the groin. He said that I should not call police and left," the Egyptian man said. 
The Egyptian was taken to Rashid Hospital where he underwent surgery. Half of his right testicle had to be removed due to the damage caused, leaving him with a 20 per cent permanent disability.
In court, last September, the defendant denied charges of physical assault and issuing threats. But despite his plea he was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison to be followed by deportation.