Woman 'assaulted parents', Dubai court told

A woman is accused of assaulting both her parents, after she called the police to say her family were beating her.

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DUBAI // A woman assaulted her parents and grandparents after they quizzed her about staying out past midnight, a court heard.

SM, 26, an Emirati, punched her mother, threw cups and glasses at her grandparents and pushed over her "half-paralysed" father, prosecutors told the Family Court.

Her father regained his balance and slapped her, so she called police and said her family were beating her up, but she was arrested.

Her mother, AM, 44, said her daughter would often return home late and hit her if she asked questions about her whereabouts.

She said on this particular occasion, December 12 last year, her daughter "started hitting me on my back".

The daughter told the court her mother often insulted her and had threatened to create a scandal at her workplace and throw her out of the family home.

But her grandmother BH, 65, and grandfather MA, 71, denied these claims and said their daughter had often complained of being beaten up by their granddaughter.

Her father said many of his relatives had stopped visiting the house because his daughter was so violent.

The daughter was charged with assaulting both her parents and insulting her mother.

A date for the next hearing is yet to be scheduled.