'Window' rapist gets 3 years for assault

Victim fell three storeys in struggle to escape attacker, who lured a woman to an empty apartment and sexually assaulted her.

DUBAI // An estate agent who lured a woman to an empty apartment and sexually assaulted her was jailed for three years yesterday. The victim fell from a third-floor balcony as she struggled to escape her attacker, and was treated in hospital for several broken bones, the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard. Prosecutors said the woman, an Egyptian, had been looking for an apartment when she overheard AM, 34, a Syrian estate agent, at a cafe in Deira talking about property. She asked if he could help and he suggested viewing a property in the Hor al Anz area of Deira.

When they entered the apartment, he locked the door and told the woman he loved her and wanted to have sex with her. "He said he would lock me in the apartment for a year if I did not accept his indecent proposal," the woman said. AM then attacked her, the court heard. She tried to escape through an open window, but as she climbed out, he chased her and tried to pull her back in. "He saw me standing outside the window over a pipe and tried to pull me inside and rape me," she said.

In the ensuing struggle, the victim attempted to clamber to her freedom, but the pipe that she was holding onto broke, sending her plunging three storeys. The victim received treatment in hospital, and was then able to report the attack to police. AM denied charges of sexual assault, illegal confinement and causing accidental injury. Representing himself, he told the court the victim had consented to sex.

He was found guilty by Judge Fahmy Mounir Fahmy, and sentenced to three years in prison. He has two weeks to lodge an appeal. amustafa@thenational.ae