Watch: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police join forces to arrest pair accused of stealing Dh1.5m from Bentley

Police in Dubai release reconstruction video showing how the two forces helped catch wanted men

A still from a video from Dubai Police showing how they worked together with Abu Dhabi authorities to catch a pair of men they accuse stole Dh1.5m from a Bentley in the capital. Courtesy Dubai Police
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Considering committing a crime in one emirate and finding a safe haven in another? Think again.

Dubai Police released a reconstruction on Thursday demonstrating its close co-operation with forces in Abu Dhabi and the use of high-tech surveillance it uses to make arrests.

On its Twitter account, Dubai Police showed an incident that happened last month where two Arab men were arrested in Dubai accused of stealing Dh1.5 million in cash from a Bentley in Abu Dhabi.

The money was placed in a small bag in the backseat of the luxury vehicle. The suspects managed to open the car and make off with the money.

Dubai Police received a call from their colleagues in Abu Dhabi that the suspects were heading to the emirate driving a sedan car.

A search team was formed and was able to identify the car the suspects were driving as they reached Jebel Ali.

The suspects were monitored as they headed towards Jumeirah and then were arrested on Al Wasl Road.

The pair have been referred to specialised authorities for further legal procedures.