Three-month sentence for threats over passport

Man told secretary he would kill her if she didn't hand over his documents immediately.

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DUBAI // A driver who threatened to kill his sponsor's administrative assistant if she did not cancel his residency visa and hand over his passport will spend three months in prison, a court ruled this morning.

JD, 26, Ethiopian, had confessed to the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance that he threatened to kill HM, 38, and insulted her with inappropriate words, but denied lesser charges of calling her and disturbing her.

JD, who had been fired, had asked HM to delay canceling his visa because he was trying to find a new job. When he did find a job, he then pressured her to hand over his passport immediately.

And on the morning of July 10, she said, JD tried to attack her while she was leaving work, but she escaped with the help of a security guard.