Three men took revenge by shooting Omani in the head, UAE court told

Two Omanis stopped to repair their car when the trio approached in another vehicle and fired at them, a court heard.

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ABU DHABI // Three men killed an Omani during a shoot-out in Al Ain, the Criminal Court heard yesterday.

Two Omanis had stopped to repair their car last January when the trio approached in a second vehicle and fired at them, according to prosecutors, who said the attack was motivated by revenge for an earlier altercation.

The Omanis got into their car and started shooting back, but the driver was hit in the head and died. The second Omani survived.

The three Emiratis denied charges of murder and attempted murder and their lawyer asked for an adjournment.

When the judge announced the case would be adjourned to June 27, the lawyer objected, saying the Emiratis should be granted bail if they needed to wait this long.

The judge replied the court would need this long to contact the dead man's family to see whether they would accept blood money.

"We cannot proceed with defence anyway until we seek their opinion," said the judge.

The surviving Omani had previously filed a lawsuit against one of the Emiratis over his claim he was shot at in a separate incident, but he lost the case due to a lack of evidence.