Three killed and three injured in a fight over Dh5000

The incident happened in Naif area.

Dubai police arrest suspects within 24 hours after a fight left three dead and three seriously injured in Naif area. 
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Three Asian men have been killed after an argument over Dh5000 turned into a deadly fight, Dubai police has announced.

Three other men sustained severe injuries in the brawl.

Dubai police said it has arrested seven suspects who took part in the fight and have escaped the crime scene at the time.

“They were arrested within 24 hours,” said Brig Jamal Al Jallaf, director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police.

The incident happened in Naif area the senior officer but did not reveal when.

“Police patrols and criminal investigations teams were dispatched to the area at once.”

“They found three dead bodies in the crime scene,” he said.

“Three other men who sustained severe injuries as a result of being assaulted with sharp weapons were also found in the same area and were taken to hospital for treatment.”

A team work was set up immediately to identify and locate the seven remaining suspects.

Investigations revealed that 13 Asian men were involved in the fight including those who were killed and the injured.

Officers began a man-hunt for the remaining suspects and were able to locate them in the same day.

“They were arrested and questioned and will be referred to Dubai prosecution to face charges, including those who were injured.”