Three deny kidnap, assault charges

Men are accused of robbing an acquaintance at knifepoint and threatening to kill him.

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DUBAI // Two workers and a carpenter this morning denied kidnapping a truck driver and assaulting him with weapons before robbing him, a Dubai court heard.

The suspects AK and RK, both 28, and JB, 21, all from India, told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance the alleged victim is their friend and had come to their house in Muhaisenah area for a visit.

According to court records, they saw him walking in their neighbourhood, and AK stopped him and asked him about a mutual friend.

The victim PL, 35, told prosecutors AK grabbed his arms to allow JB hit him on the head with a metal bar.

He added that the two men restrained him while RK took a mobile phone and labour card from his pocket, prosecutors said.

AK is accused of using the victim’s phone to call for a taxi and before it arrived, RK put a cleaver in PL's face and threatened to kill him if he did not tell them where to find the mutual friend.

The victim told prosecutors that RK told his accomplices they should move to a deserted area, where they could cut off his head.

A taxi arrived, records show, and the suspects told PL to remain silent as they got into the taxi. But w

hile the taxi was stopped at a traffic signal, the victim screamed for at a nearby car for help, records show.

Two men, who happened to be criminal investigators, stepped out and prevented the taxi from driving away, court records said.

The investigators, MA and NS, told prosecutors that they were following a case in the same area when they saw the victim waving for help.

The two officers found the cleaver hidden under the driver’s seat from behind, as well as a metal bar, records say.

PL said the suspects stole his wallet, which had Dh1,300, and were taking him to Al Barsha area to kill him.

A verdict is expected on March 24.