Sex with minor earns two-month sentence

Saudi holidaymakers took a 15-year-old to Dubai hotel, court rules.

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DUBAI // Two men were sentenced to two months in prison this morning for having sex with a minor during a New Year's holiday in the UAE.

MK, 27, and BS, 30, both from Saudi Arabia, were convicted in the Court of Misdemeanours of having consensual sex with a minor. The girl, a 15-year-old South African, was convicted separately in the Juvenile Court with consensual sex and will be deported.

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Last Updated: June 26, 2011

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">Her 51-year-old father, said that when he could not find her, he asked hotel employees, who told him they had seen her talking to two men on the tennis courts, then leaving with them.

The girl testified that the men offered to show her around Dubai. She said she and her brother went with MK and BS, but instead of showing them the sights, they took her to a hotel room in Al Barsha, undressed her and began kissing her.

She said she was crying but was too frightened to resist. She said the two men raped her, then put her in the shower to clean off the evidence.

MK and BS denied raping her, and said they had consensual sex with her. They said they insisted on taking her back to the hotel because she left her brother in the car while she had sex with them, records show.

BS also said she told them she was 18. Because the girl is older than 14, she can give consent, under UAE law.