Meeting devolved into brawl, court told

Men traded blows over accusations of embezzlement, prosecutors say.

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DUBAI // Two men involved in a fight that left one of them slightly disabled both denied attacking each other, a court heard this morning.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance was told that the Syrian SM, 33, and EA, an Egyptian, 35, both employees of a real estate company, assaulted each other during a business meeting over rumours of embezzlement.

Prosecutors charged SM with assault causing permanent 5 per cent disability to EA, assaulting two women identified in records as EM, Emirati and NA, Egyptian, and insulting NA.

EA, however, was charged only with assaulting SM.

"I didn't, your honour: he assaulted me and caused me a disability, and I have witnesses," EA told the judge.

Records show that on the morning of June 8, 2010, both men were part of a company meeting held by EM, the manager and owner of the company, to discuss the embezzlement of Dh7,250.

During the meeting, both men started accusing each other. NA, who is married to EA, confronted SM about a previous conversation in which he allegedly admitted to taking the money.

Records show that SM insulted her using inappropriate words, then slapped her and pushed her in the chest before EA intervened and began fighting with SM.

EM testified that SM threw an ashtray at EA, but hit her instead and knocked her out.

AS, a police officer who was at the meeting with EM, his relative, testified that EA stood on a chair trying to hit SM, but SM threw him to the floor and broke his leg. SM then sat on top of him and started throwing punches at EA until others at the meeting restrained them, he said.

The next hearing will be on October 9.