Masked men broke into apartment and raped two maids, Dubai court hears

Two masked men broke into an apartment and raped the two maids living there, hears court.

DUBAI // Masked men broke into a flat and raped two of the maids living there, a court was told yesterday.

Prosecutors told the Criminal Court that A?M, 28, an Emirati, dragged one of the women to the bathroom and raped her while M?M, 32, also Emirati, emptied the handbags of the four women living in the flat.

He then produced a knife and forced another one of the maids into a bedroom, where he raped her, prosecutors said.

“We heard them screaming,” said a flatmate of the two maids. The maids woke at about 3am on September 2 last year to find the men inside their apartment in Al Jafiliya. After the attackers fled, the women called police.

Police lieutenant H?A said officers traced the men to a house in Al Qusais, where one was arrested after telling an officer that the sex was with the women’s consent.

Another police officer said the second man claimed not to have entered the flat, but waited outside.

Traces of the first man’s DNA were found on one of the women.

Both men were charged with rape, armed robbery, assault and trespassing. A third man the maids said took part in the robbery has not been apprehended.

The judge adjourned the case to January 27 to assign the men a lawyer.