Labourer gets suspended sentence for death threat

A man who threatened to kill shop's new owner will only be jailed if he menaces the victim in the next three years.

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DUBAI // A labourer who threatened to kill the man who purchased the shop where he worked, was given a suspended three-month jail term.

AS, 30, from Pakistan, will only be jailed if he issues threats to SA, a 34-year-old Emirati businessman, in the next three years.

Prosecution records said that the defendant met with SA at the Ministry of Labour, where he lodged a complaint against the original owner of the shop.

SA was contacted by the owner, MB, who said he also would be at the ministry to settle the defendant's problem.

While SA was present, both the defendant and MB were questioned by ministry employees and when they finished SA left with MB. The defendant approached both men at the ministry car park, and told SA not to talk to MB. He then made a sign on his neck indicating that he would cut his throat.

SA and MB went to Al Qusais police station and reported the incident.

The nature of the labour complaint originally filed was not mentioned in prosecution records.