Girl, 16, trafficked to Dubai and forced into sex work, court told

The girl was lured from Bangladesh with an offer of working as a housemaid but was forced into prostitution, prosecutors say

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A gang trafficked a girl to the UAE to work as a prostitute then raped her when she refused, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Five men and a woman, all from Bangladesh and aged between 22 to 48, were charged with human trafficking, rape, running a brothel and facilitating prostitution.

Prosecutors said the woman accused, 36, offered the orphaned Bangladeshi girl, 16, a job as a housemaid in Dubai. After she accepted, two of the men forged the girl a new passport to make her appear older so she could travel unattended.

Two other men in the gang picked the girl up from Dubai International Airport and took her to the woman’s flat in Al Karama. There, the girl was told she must work as a prostitute. When she refused, the woman beat her and one of the male accused raped her.

The girl was then taken to another flat in Dubai, where she was kept for two weeks and repeatedly raped by two of the men.
"They forced me to have sex with five or six men per day until the flat was raided by police," the girl told prosecutors.
An Emirati policeman said they were tipped off about the girl so he and another officer went undercover and posed as customers to gain access to the flat.

"On October 20, we went to the brothel and I was asked to pick from a line of four women. I pointed at the teenage girl and, when we walked into the room, I signalled police and they raided the place," he said.
All six defendants were arrested. During the raid, police found income records and contraceptives at the flat.
All six accused denied the charges in court on Wednesday. The next hearing is scheduled for February 12.