Couple who 'sold car with Dh60,000 fines' appeal, Abu Dhabi court hears

Woman sold two cars with fines of Dh60,000 to an unsuspecting member of the public, court hears.

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ABU DHABI // A couple who sold two cars with Dh60,000 worth of fines to an unsuspecting member of the public are pleading their case in the appeals court.

The Arab resident who bought the two cars said he discovered the fines after a visit to the traffic department, but agreed to pay them after the Emirati owner said he would reimburse him within three days. As a guarantee the owner gave him a cheque for Dh60,000 signed by his wife.

However, this cheque bounced, and the wife was subsequently convicted for writing a bad cheque. Her original sentence was not mentioned in court records.

The buyer presented the court with documents proving that he had paid the fines.

However, the woman denied his account, saying she had not written any cheques and that she had never met the buyer.

"I haven't seen you before either - I was dealing with your husband," replied the buyer.

The case was adjourned to August 9 and the husband ordered to attend.