Attempted murder stemmed from black magic, court told

Man accused of stabbing roommate over health-damaging spells.

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ABU DHABI // A man charged with attempted murder after stabbing a roommate said he merely wanted to stop the man from practising black magic on him, a court heard today.

MH, from Bangladesh, said his roommate had been using black magic on him for six months. As a result he developed a chest disease and urinated blood, he said.

He admitted to stabbing the victim, who was not identified, several times but denied meaning to kill him.

'My ex-wife contacted him and told him to cast spells on me," MH added. "Other roommates saw him throw things he uses in his magic in front of my room, and he threw them on me.

"We also had another fight three months ago. Then I filed a complaint at the police and they changed my accommodation, but I did not know what happened with the complaint."

The victim could not be found to testify.

The case was adjourned until August 15.