Ajman Police return stolen property worth Dh350,000 to family within two days

Police say burglars disconnected family's home surveillance system and wore gloves

Some of the jewellery that was recovered after being stolen from a house in Al Nuaimia. Photo: Ajman Police
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Ajman Police have returned stolen property worth more than Dh350,000 to a family in the emirate.

The Asian family reported last Saturday night that their house in Al Nuaimia had been ransacked .

They had returned home only to find their valuables gone.

Police arrived at the scene within four minutes and found that thieves entered the property through a window and stole a safe containing Dh6,000 in cash, gold worth Dh350,000 and some appliances.

“We discovered the theft after we returned home that night,” said the father of the household, in a video posted on Ajman Police's social media pages.

“It [safe] contained the cash and jewellery for my wife and daughter.”

Authorities said the burglars attempted to avoid leaving a trail by wearing gloves and disconnecting the family's home surveillance system.

“Police teams including crime scene experts arrived within three minutes after we called and reported the incident,” said the man.

Within two days, suspects were identified and the stolen items were recovered.

One of the culprits, an Asian man, was arrested in Al Rashidiya area. He confessed to carrying out the theft along with another Asian man, who had since left the country.

Police said the burglars were lying in wait for the family to leave the house.

All of the property, except for a small amount of money, was returned to the family.

“I want to thank each and everyone from the police and in Al Nuaimia police station and the whole UAE,” the father said in the video.

“They were happy for me as is it was something from them that was lost.”

Updated: October 22, 2022, 2:19 PM