Man convicted of assaulting Dubai police officers launches appeal

Case under review after the man's lawyer highlights 'clear discrepancies' in evidence given by officers

A man sentenced to six months in prison for physically assaulting two Dubai police officers while drunk is appealing against his conviction.

Dubai Criminal Court was told that the attack happened on February 15, at about 11.30pm on a road in Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Officers patrolling the area said the New Zealander, 48, assaulted them after they stopped him to ask why he was not wearing a mask.

“He shoved my colleague, who fell on the ground, then he sat on his chest,” one officer said.

“When I tried to handcuff him, he grabbed my genitals.”

The man was restrained by the officers and taken into custody.

“I respect the police and I respect the law. It's not true that I would try to assault police officers,” the accused said in court.

After the man was sentenced to prison and subsequent deportation, his lawyer took his case to the appeals court seeking acquittal.

“Clear discrepancies in the statements of both officers were overlooked by the lower court in the absence of a lawyer to defend my client,” Awatif Mohammed of Al Rowaad Advocates said in court.

She told judges that in the police report, the officers said the man tried to assault them but was not able to because they could control him using zip ties.

“But during prosecution investigations, they said he actually assaulted them and gave details they didn’t mention before and said they used handcuffs, not zip ties," Ms Mohammed said.

She told judges the officers said they stopped the man to question him about his drinking, and not to ask why he was not wearing a mask.

The Court of Appeal is considering its verdict on the case.

Updated: August 22nd 2021, 1:06 PM