10-year sentence for heroin smuggling

Woman tried to bring 2.69kg of the drug through Dubai International Airport.

DUBAI // A female visitor was sentenced to 10 years in prison followed by deportation for attempting to smuggle more than two kilograms of heroin into the country. 

MM, 30, from South Africa, told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance she did not know what was in the bag, which had been given to her by a friend who asked her to deliver it to his brother in Dubai. She will be deported after serving her sentence.

Prosecutors said MM entered Dubai International Airport on July 24, 2010, and was found carrying 2.69kg of heroin in one of her two bags. 

AH, a female corporal, testified that MM was searched after officers noticed her acting suspiciously.

The court also fined her Dh50,000 and ordered the confiscation of the banned substance.