Corrupt prison officer who accepted bribe from inmate has jail term reduced

Worker was caught out agreeing to smuggle a mobile phone into prison in return for Dh5,000 in cash

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A prison officer who agreed to give a mobile phone to an inmate in return for a Dh5,000 bribe has had his jail term reduced.

The worker, 32, was caught red-handed after police who were tipped off that he was smuggling in items set up a sting operation in the Dubai prison.

Police then arranged for an inmate to offer the corrupt officer money in exchange for the phone.

At the request of police, the inmate asked the officer to meet with a friend who had hand over the mobile phone and Dh5,000, which was made up of marked notes.

Police were on hand to catch the offender accept the bribe and later arrested him.

The incident took place in December, 2017.

The guilty party was convicted of bribery in court last May and handed a three-year prison sentence, to be followed by deportation.

The officer appealed his sentence, which was reduced to one year.

He must still pay a Dh5,000 fine and will be deported at the end of his sentence.