Children of dead Sharjah woman back with family in Pakistan

DUBAI// The four children of a woman who was found dead in a car in Sharjah have been taken to live with family in Pakistan.

The three boys aged 11 months, three and nine and a six-year-old girl left the UAE on Sunday, said their uncle.

However, the family is still waiting for the body of their mother, Samaira Kiyani, 36, to be released by police in Sharjah.

"The children left with family friends who travelled with them to Pakistan," said the uncle, who did not wish to be named.

"There is a lot of tension and sadness. It is a terrible time and it is a hard experience for all of us. Everyone is very worried because the children are so small."

He said the children will live with their grandmother, Samaira's mother, in Islamabad, along with their uncle and aunt, Samaira's brother and sister.

Mrs Kiyani's late father was a police inspector in Karachi where the family lived when she was younger. The family moved to Islamabad after her father's death in 1995.

Mrs Kiyani's brothers are expected to arrive in the UAE in a few days to complete any formalities and accompany her body back to Islamabad.

There is no further information about Mrs Kiyani's husband, Asif.

"His mobile is switched off and nobody knows where he is now," said the uncle.

"The police say he left for Pakistan immediately but after that there is no more news."

Mrs Kiyani's body was discovered inside a Mercedes in Al Yarmouk after midnight on Thursday, September 6.

An official at the Pakistan consulate in Dubai confirmed that the children had returned to Pakistan.

"Authorities have not yet given the go ahead or handed over the body of deceased," said the official.

He added that there is an continuing investigation and that information has not yet been shared with the consulate.

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