Canadian woman threatened to kill Pakistani, Dubai court hears

The 49-year-old woman is alleged to have threatened to kill the Pakistani man in an email she sent him.

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DUBAI // A Canadian woman is accused of threatening to kill a man and defame him online.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that in September, D T, 49, sent an email to K T, 45, a Pakistani, in which she threatened to ruin his reputation.

Also, in a voicemail left on his phone, she is alleged to have made threats to kill him.

K T gave no details to prosectors on the nature of his relationship with the defendant or the reasons behind her threats.

Prosecutors attached a copy of her voice message and email to the case file.

In court on Sunday, D T confessed but told judges that the threats were not serious.

“Yes it happened but I was only joking,” said the defendant.

A verdict is expected on November 17.