British nurse accuses flatmate of raping her

"He made me feel so cheap. I was shocked," she said.

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A photographer has been accused of raping a 51-year-old British nurse, Dubai Criminal Court heard. 
Prosecutors said that on October 19, 2017, the defendant arrived to an apartment in Al Barsha, which he shared with the victim and another woman. The nurse said he then came into her room and claimed he wanted to talk about all of them moving to a villa.
"He started talking about the villa and that it had a swimming pool then all of a sudden he locked the door," said the nurse.
She asked him to leave her room but he allegedly sat her down on the bed against her will then started touching her.
"He started kissing and touching me by force. I resisted but he was much stronger than me, he threw me to the bed and assaulted me," she said.
The accused allegedly raped her and then left. "He made me feel so cheap. I was shocked. I didn't know what to do at that exact moment, but then I just called police," she said.
The defendant was apprehend on October 22 and prosecutors said he admitted to rape during questioning. However, he denied a rape charge in court.

"Nothing happened by force or without her consent. I didn't lay a hand on her, your honour," said the Syrian defendant, 26.
The next hearing will be on May 15.