VIWELL subsidiary Corporate Sports becomes VIWELL Active

Firm presents the Middle East's first complete holistic workplace wellbeing ecosystem.

VIWELL CEO & Founder Mohammed Husary with COO Fahed Abourshaid at VIWELL’s Office in Downtown Dubai

VIWELL announces the rebranding of its subsidiary Corporate Sports into VIWELL Active to present the Middle East's first complete holistic workplace well-being ecosystem.

The move marks a milestone for VIWELL and the Middle East's wellness space and highlights VIWELL’s drive to transform traditional workplace well-being so all employees and organisations can thrive.

The total employee well-being solution integrates in-person and digital components seamlessly and realises VIWELL's vision of bringing well-being to the workplace and helping everyone to live in balance across the six pillars of well-being.

Since its establishment in 2018, Corporate Sports has been the unrivalled leader in well-being and engagement initiatives across the Middle East, delivering more than 800 successful events for prestigious clientele including Dubai Police, Du, Amazon, AWS, Emirates airline, BCG, Nestle, PWC, Accenture, and many more industry giants.

With several recent studies presenting diminishing numbers in the region’s workplaces due to stress, low engagement, and high turnover, the immediate necessity for a comprehensive well-being solution has never been more critical.

Traditional regional offerings fail to incorporate all aspects of well-being, resulting in gaps that hinder true holistic support for employees. VIWELL founder and chief executive Mohammed Husary's vision is to develop a solution that addresses the region's challenges comprehensively.

As the digital platform is about to disrupt the market, VIWELL Active contributes years of expertise in delivering massive in-person team building, CSR and other well-being events.

This synergy facilitates the provision of a cyclical approach, seamlessly integrating online and offline experiences for maximum impact and effectiveness.

“A total well-being solution is incomplete and ineffective without both in-person and online components. We nurtured, mastered and perfected the in-person solution while consistently delivering for Fortune 500 clients to create a successful legacy of six years," says Mr Husary.

"Now it’s time for VIWELL to not only come full circle as a complete, one-stop product but a self-sufficient ecosystem,” he adds.

The ‘ecosystem’ Mr Husary refers to has two main offerings at its core: a robust digital platform and diverse in-person activities. The digital solution reflects years of dedicated development with handpicked, top-tier product talent from around the world - adapting and implementing industry standards to craft a state-of-the-art platform that’s equipped to support HR professionals track, measure and improve each aspect of their employees' well-being journey.

The scientific arm of the ecosystem is anchored by the VIWELL Institute, which conducts primary well-being research in collaboration with academic and institutional partners, ensuring evidence-based practices.

With over 1500 resources, the VIWELL Studio adds depth, producing culturally adaptable original content across six pillars of wellbeing, curated by regional experts and researchers.

The total solution's power lies in its clear ability to cater to large corporations' needs effectively and ensures that organisations are empowered to support their employees' well-being journey at every step, ultimately driving greater engagement, productivity, and satisfaction across the board.

Former general manager of Corporate Sports, Fahed Abourshaid, assumes the role of VIWELL’s chief operating officer, bringing invaluable expertise and leadership to the organisation.

"This wellness milestone represents a significant opportunity to combine VIWELL's innovative approach with Corporate Sports' established reputation, allowing us to deliver an ultimate, one-of-a-kind solution to our clients," he says.

As VIWELL begins its next chapter with VIWELL Active, it reaffirms its commitment to shaping the future of workplace well-being in the Middle East and beyond. With a focus to educate, motivate and support, VIWELL continues to lead the charge towards a healthier, happier, and more resilient workforce for generations to come.

Updated: February 29, 2024, 7:29 AM