Living in a villa? Hassantuk is now mandatory

Ministry of Interior requires all UAE villas to install the Hassantuk fire alarm system from January 1, 2024

Hassantuk provides wired and wireless fire safety systems to cater to the needs of different villas and construction stages

In the UAE, the lack of fire alarm systems in villas has contributed to delays in fire detection, resulting in loss of life and property. The Civil Defense is often informed about fires manually, only after they have spread extensively and become visible, making it too late to save lives or prevent significant damage.

Hassantuk for Homes, provided by Etisalat by e&, offers a unique and comprehensive solution to these challenges by ensuring automated early detection and faster response. Consequently, the UAE Cabinet has mandated the installation of Hassantuk systems in all existing and under-construction residential villas from January 1, 2024.

Hassantuk for Homes now covers more than 50,000 villas in the UAE and has successfully detected more than 400 fires. Orders for Hassantuk can be conveniently placed online at the web portal

Here's how Hassantuk addresses these challenges

Local Alarms Inside Villas: Hassantuk install smoke detectors in every room and heat detectors in the kitchen. If smoke levels exceed the thresholds specified by the Civil Defense, an immediate local alarm is triggered. The 'One Go All Go' functionality ensures that every detector in the villa sounds simultaneously, alerting occupants instantly and enabling them to take corrective action.

24/7 Monitoring: Each detector in every villa is connected to the Hassantuk Signal Receiving Center via Etisalat’s IoT solution. This enables fully automatic real-time alerts to be sent to the centre whenever any detector is triggered, even if nobody is inside the villa. Highly trained operators validate these alerts by contacting the registered emergency contacts for the villa. If the alert is confirmed, or if communication cannot be established, the alert is forwarded to the Civil Defence dashboard, providing accurate information about the villa’s location and the affected sensor.

Emergency Response: With validated alerts and precise location information, the Civil Defence can respond swiftly and effectively. This ensures a targeted approach to extinguishing fires and saving lives.

Hassantuk offers several unique features and capabilities that distinguish it from other fire safety systems:

Wired and Wireless Systems: Hassantuk provides both wired and wireless fire safety systems to cater to the varying needs of different villas and construction stages.

Mobile App: The Hassantuk mobile app enables users to monitor their fire safety system in real-time. Users can check battery levels, tamper status, and more, offering complete visibility and peace of mind.

Approved, Certified Equipment: Hassantuk uses fire safety equipment certified and approved by world-class providers, meeting the highest quality and safety standards set by the Civil Defence.

Convenient Monthly Plans: Hassantuk offers flexible monthly payment plans, which can be integrated with Etisalat bills, making it easier for customers to access this essential service.

Bukhoor Mode: Hassantuk is the only fire alarm system that offers a temporary silencing option specifically for Bukhoor or incense burning, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

End-to-End Service: Hassantuk provides comprehensive service including convenient online ordering, scheduled installation, system testing and provisioning, 24/7 monitoring, field maintenance, customer support, and billing.

Sponsorships and Developer Support: Hassantuk facilitates bulk orders for sponsors and developers to equip their villas with the system, ensuring fire safety before handover.

Automated Maintenance: Equipped with an Etisalat SIM, Hassantuk systems automatically monitor performance and raise alerts for issues such as a low battery in a detector, loss of connectivity, or impaired detector performance due to dust.

Five-Year Warranty: Hassantuk offers a 5-year warranty. Their field teams undertake corrective actions, including physical visits as required, to rectify any issues with the devices in the system.

Unlike other fire safety systems, Hassantuk is fully connected, monitored, and integrated with Civil Defence, providing a significant advantage to ensure the system is functional and no alerts are missed even if there is nobody inside the villa. Additionally, Hassantuk offers the convenience of a mobile app, convenient monthly plans, and advanced equipment, ensuring the highest level of safety for your villa.

Installing, using, and maintaining Hassantuk is incredibly easy. Customers can order the system through the Hassantuk web portal, choose a plan, and schedule installation at their convenience. The installation process is typically completed in under an hour. Should customers encounter any problems, a dedicated helpline is available at 80022220 for prompt assistance.

As we continue to innovate, the future enhancements for Hassantuk include advanced features like remote silencing, smart home integration, and AI-powered preventive maintenance. These advancements will further enhance the fire prevention and detection capabilities of Hassantuk, ensuring the utmost safety for your villa.

If you live in a villa, visit the portal or call 80022220. Don't wait until it's too late — take the proactive step towards becoming compliant with MOI requirements and protect your home and your family with Hassantuk today. Protect what matters most.

Updated: January 31, 2024, 7:05 AM