Hero Experiences Group: Unveiling the sustainable soul of Dubai's adventures

Company is redefining tourism, weaving together thrilling adventures, rich cultural immersion and a deep commitment to sustainability

Platinum Heritage invites you to explore golden landscapes in colourful vintage Land Rovers or luxurious brand-new Land Rover Defenders

Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and extravagance, also harbours Hero Experiences Group, the pioneers of air, land, and sea experiences.

Hero Experiences Group is behind some of the most engaging and immersive experiences that ignite the spirit of adventure. Imagine soaring above the golden dunes in a hot air balloon, feeling the wind whisper with a 360-degree view of Palm Jumeirah, captaining your own boat as you drive beside the coast of Dubai, or embarking on an eco-luxurious desert safari. Each experience is meticulously crafted to unveil the soul of Dubai, respecting its heritage and preserving its natural wonders.

This forward-thinking company is redefining tourism, weaving together thrilling adventures, rich cultural immersion, and a deep commitment to sustainability. At the heart of this philosophy lies Platinum Heritage in Dubai, a pioneer in eco-luxurious desert safaris.

Sustainability Woven into the Threads of Adventure

Platinum Heritage, a shining star within the Hero Experiences Group and a hidden gem in the city of Dubai, is where sustainability takes centre stage.

Gone are the days of roaring dune buggies and mass tourism. Instead, Platinum Heritage invites you to explore golden landscapes in colourful vintage Land Rovers or luxurious brand-new Land Rover Defenders. Their conservation efforts extend beyond vehicles, with wildlife drives led by expert Conservation Guides who educate guests about the unique flora and fauna of the region.

The company's commitment to responsible tourism extends to its authentic Bedouin camps and luxury cabanas, all built with locally sourced materials and powered by solar energy.

Platinum Heritage also donates US$1 to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, on behalf of every guest. And, because they don’t just preserve the environment, but also the region’s history and culture, you won’t find any belly dancing and or alcohol on their experiences.

Every aspect of a Platinum Heritage experience whispers the message of conservation, inspiring guests to become the Heroes of their own stories and the environment.

Hero Experiences Group chief executive Adam McEwan said: “Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of our experiences. We believe in preserving Dubai's natural wonders for future generations and are committed to responsible tourism practices.

"When you choose Hero Experiences Group, you're choosing to travel with a conscience and be the Hero of your own story”.

This passion for sustainability in Hero Experiences Group runs through every brand, from the gentle desert whispers of Platinum Heritage to the sky-high panoramas of The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis. This breathtaking experience in the city uses less energy per flight than a light bulb being on for an hour!

Even the oceans are being taken care of as Hero Boat Tours aim to promote marine conservation while their knowledgeable guides highlight the Dubai coastline, and Abu Dhabi’s Mangroves eco-systems, and they can organise marine clean-ups as special events.

The group’s journey does not end in UAE, as they expanded to AlUla in Saudi Arabia last year with the launch of Hero Balloon Flights Saudi, to become the first official hot air balloon operator in the kingdom. With more plans in the pipeline, all coming experiences in Saudi Arabia will protect the country’s rich heritage and beautiful landscapes.

Hero Experiences Group's mission goes beyond just offering activities. They believe in empowering individuals to become Heroes of their own story. Aiming for guests to walk away feeling like they truly learnt something about their experience that can be shared with others and change their perspective on tourism and travelling.

To book your unforgettable adventure, visit the Hero Experiences Group website or the Platinum Heritage website.

Updated: January 29, 2024, 6:07 AM