Abu Dhabi's Big Ticket: Indian who won Dh20 million jackpot is unreachable

Organisers of the raffle draw have reached out to the public to help find the winner, Abdussalam NV

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Latest update: Jackpot winner is found and has a plan for how to spend the money

An Indian man from the state of Kerala has won Dh20 million from Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket raffle for January, but organisers have been unable to reach him.

Abdussalam NV bought the winning ticket, number 323601, on December 29, 2020.

He provided two mobile phone numbers when he bought it but one is out of reach and the other is invalid with a digit missing.

The draw has been running since 1992 and was started at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Its largest prize is the Mighty 20 million Jackpot, followed by prizes of Dh15 million, Dh12 million and Dh10 million.

Officials at the Big Ticket have failed to reach Mr NV after several attempts.

They have asked anyone with contact details for the winner to come forward.

The ticket helpdesk can be reached on 02 201 9244 or at help@bigticket.ae.

The two other winners of the draw were Saju Thomas, who won Dh3 million, and Ejaz Rafi Kiyani, who received Dh1 million.