Abu Dhabi residents face utility price rises

Water and electricity introduces new tariffs in attempt to boost sustainability and better protect the environment.

Expatriates in Abu Dhabi will see their ­water bills increase by 31.76 per cent while electricity costs will rise by 27.6 per cent from January 1. Jake Badger / The National
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ABU DHABI// Emiratis and expatriates can expect increases to their utility bills in the new year under new tariffs announced by the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (Adwea) on Thursday.

Citizens living in the emirate will pay 23 per cent more for their water and 34 per cent extra for electricity from January 1. Expatriates will see their ­water bills increase by 31.76 per cent while electricity costs will rise by 27.6 per cent.

Adwea said that the new tariffs have been introduced to boost environmental protection and sustainability.

Enforcing sustainability and controlled consumption of water and electricity are “part and parcel of the fundamental principles of the emirate’s growth march for the benefit of future generations”, Adwea said.

Under the new rates, UAE nationals will pay 6.7 fils for each kilowatt-hour. If usage rises above Adwea’s “ideal consumption” rate of 400kWh in villas and 30kWh in flats, the cost increases to 7.5 fils per kWh.

Electricity cost for expats will be 26.8 fils per kWh rising to 30.5 fils per kWh if they exceed the ideal consumption rate of 200kWh in villas and 20kWh in apartments.

Electricity rates at present are 5 fils per kWh for Emiratis, rising to 5.5 fils for non-ideal use. Expats are paying 21 fils per kWh for electricity while overuse is rated at 31.8 fils.

The new water charges for Emiratis will be Dh2.09 per cubic metre used, and Dh2.60 per cubic metre if they exceed the ideal consumption rate of 7,000 cubic metres in villas and 700 in apartments.

Expats will pay Dh7.84 for standard use and Dh10.41 for overuse. The limit will be 5,000 cubic metres in villas and 700 in apartments.

Currently, Emiratis pay Dh1.7 per cubic metre and Dh1.89 for overuse. Expats are charged Dh5.95 per cubic metre for regular use and Dh10.55 for non-ideal use.

Premises that do not have water meters will incur a fixed charge of Dh150 a month.

“The amended tariff reflects the actual cost of supplying water and electricity to all categories of customers in Abu Dhabi, in line with the policy of natural resources conservation in place in the emirate.”

For businesses, tariffs will be 20 fils per kWh and 4.5 fils per kWh for agriculture.

Small industrial companies will pay 28.6 fils per kWh, larger companies – above 1 megawatt connected load – will pay 36.6 fils per kWh in summer peak hours and 27 fils at other times.

Government entities will pay 29.4 fils for each kWh and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) and its subsidiaries will pay 28.1 fils for each kWh.

Commercial and industrial water customers will pay Dh7.84 per cubic metre of water, while Government and Adnoc will pay Dh10.41. Agricultural customers will pay Dh3.13 per cubic metre while supply via tanker filling stations will be charged at Dh4 for each cubic metre.

The increased tariffs follow the Tarsheed programme that was launched by the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain distribution companies to guide customers about more efficient use of resources.