Abu Dhabi Police seize 1.5 tonnes of drugs in 2019

Included in the haul was 1.2 million tablets

A screenshot from Abu Dhabi Police. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Police
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Police in Abu Dhabi seized a total of 1.5 tonnes of drugs last year, including 1.2 million pills.

Officers said traffickers were arrested during smuggling operations and often in cooperation with law enforcement agencies abroad.

The Drug Enforcement Directorate also urged the public to help them by reporting any suspected drug dealing to police on 8002626.

Last month, Abu Dhabi Police seized 450kg of heroin and crystal meth and arrested 14 people.

The drugs were carefully hidden inside compartments in a lorry.

Officers used metal cutters and saws to pull apart the vehicle to find the stash.

Among the most prevalent drugs smuggled into the country is Captagon, a type of amphetamine.

Police across the emirates made records hauls of the drug, including half a tonne being seized in a single shipment last January and 800,000 pills in Jebel Ali Port in July.