Abu Dhabi cracks down on 'public eyesores' in Mussaffah

More than 250 offences were registered by inspectors on Wednesday

Municipality inspectors reported 255 offences for distorting public appearance in Mussaffah Industrial area on Wednesday. Abu Dhabi Municipality
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Abu Dhabi Municipality registered 255 offences in Mussaffah Industrial Area during a crackdown on public eyesores in the city on Wednesday.

Inspectors visited the area in search of storing materials and equipment obstructing paths, as well as tires on rooftops, balconies, and shops facades that breach the Public Appearance, Health and Public Tranquillity Law in the capital.

According to the law, a Dh1,000 fine will be issued to offenders who mar the aesthetic appearance of the city.

Fined individuals can avail a 50 per cent discount on payment if they follow the terms of the Municipality.

If the offender fails to report to the Municipality, the case will be referred to the Public Prosecution department where legal proceedings will be taken.

The Municipality said the campaign is part of efforts to preserve the public appearance, health and tranquillity of Abu Dhabi as such items create a breeding ground for insects and rodents.