Abu Dhabi churches ask Christians to pray together from home

In a video message, leaders tell worshippers to love their neighbours

The leaders of Abu Dhabi’s churches have asked Christians to unite in prayer from their own homes at 7pm every evening.

As the coronavirus continues to impact daily routines around the world, churches across the emirate have closed their doors.

Other places of worship including mosques and temples have also cancelled public prayer for four weeks.

The move is part of a series of measures put in place by officials to better protect public health against the spread of Covid-19.

“We are living in a time where the most important thing we can do is to love God and love our neighbours,” leaders said in a video message.

“We can do this by following the guidelines given by the UAE government.

“The Rulers are determined to contain the virus in the UAE and they believe that the most effective strategy.”

The call for remote prayer was given by 12 religious leaders representing Roman Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical, Greek Orthodox and Egyptian Coptic churches.

On Mondays, worshippers are asked to pray for medical staff, while on Tuesdays people should pray for truth over rumour. Wednesday prayers should be dedicated to wisdom.

On Thursdays, Christians can pray for researchers investigating a vaccine for Covid-19 and on Friday, they can pray for faith.

On Saturday worshippers are asked to remember the sick and pray for their complete and full recovery.

“Government leaders need great wisdom as they develop and implement necessary guidelines, measures and strategies to protect their people and the nation,” religious leaders said.

“The most important thing that unites us is that we pray to a God who loves us and hears us in our prayers.

"So we invite all who trust in God as our loving Father to join us in praying for the city of Abu Dhabi.”