Abandoned sailors flown home

DUBAI // Two dozen crewmen of an oil tanker that has been stranded in Dubai waters for several months - and left for weeks without drinking water or power - have been flown to their home countries.

The Filipino and South Koreans aboard the MV Samho Dream had been unpaid after the company that owns the South Korean vessel, Samho Shipping, went bankrupt in April. The sailors also lacked the papers to enter UAE territory.

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Stuck on board and unable to refrigerate or cook food, some men had begun to lose weight and experience dizziness. About a week ago, their internet and satellite phone had been cut off, limiting their communications to nearby ships via radio, Capt Abdullah Al Hayyas, a representative from the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), said. Capt Al Hayyas had led an inspection of the vessel.

After seeing the "harsh conditions" on the ship, the authorities arranged the paperwork for the crew to come ashore and arranged medical attention for those suffering illness.

"We had to act swiftly for them to be brought ashore and cared for," said Khalid Meftah, the DMCA director of maritime corporate development.

The government body, which oversees the maritime sector, worked with the police, international authorities and private firms to take care of the crew, Mr Meftah said.

Dubai experiences at least a dozen cases a year of shipowners running out of money and leaving their vessels and crews stranded without pay, said the Rev Stephen Miller, until recently the head of the Dubai branch of the international NGO Mission to Seafarers. He worked on the MV Samho Dream and had worked on similar cases in the emirate for 10 years before transferring to Hong Kong last month.

The recession has hurt international shipping, he said.

"Obviously after the downturn of 2008-2009, there were many companies on the border, and they were the ones that went under."

Samho Shipping suffered a serious financial hit last November as they reportedly paid a record US$9million (Dh33m) ransom to free the MV Samho Dream from Somali pirates last November.

It had been held for six months.

Just two months later, in January this year, pirates hijacked another one of its vessels, the MV Samho Jewelry, a 20,000-tonne tanker carrying chemicals. South Korean naval forces were deployed to rescue this ship and all 21 crew members were freed, though the captain suffered a gunshot wound. Five pirates were also captured and face trial in South Korea.

Two other ships owned by the firm are also stranded in Dubai waters, the Samho Crown crude oil tanker and the Samho Jasper, a chemical tanker.


Engine: 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo and 3.6-litre V6
Transmission: Seven-speed automatic
Power: 235hp and 310hp
Torque: 258Nm and 271Nm
Price: From Dh185,100

THE BIO: Martin Van Almsick

Hometown: Cologne, Germany

Family: Wife Hanan Ahmed and their three children, Marrah (23), Tibijan (19), Amon (13)

Favourite dessert: Umm Ali with dark camel milk chocolate flakes

Favourite hobby: Football

Breakfast routine: a tall glass of camel milk


The benefits of HoloLens 2, according to Microsoft:

Manufacturing: Reduces downtime and speeds up onboarding and upskilling

Engineering and construction: Accelerates the pace of construction and mitigates risks earlier in the construction cycle

Health care: Enhances the delivery of patient treatment at the point of care

Education: Improves student outcomes and teaches from anywhere with experiential learning


Developer: SCE Studio Cambridge
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Console: PlayStation, PlayStation 4 and 5
Rating: 3.5/5


Company: Eco Way
Started: December 2023
Founder: Ivan Kroshnyi
Based: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Electric vehicles
Investors: Bootstrapped with undisclosed funding. Looking to raise funds from outside


What is THAAD?

It is considered to be the US's most superior missile defence system.


It was created in 2008.


THAAD missiles can travel at over Mach 8, so fast that it is hypersonic.


THAAD is designed to take out  ballistic missiles as they are on their downward trajectory towards their target, otherwise known as the "terminal phase".


To protect high-value strategic sites, such as airfields or population centres.


THAAD can target projectiles inside and outside the Earth's atmosphere, at an altitude of 150 kilometres above the Earth's surface.


Lockheed Martin was originally granted the contract to develop the system in 1992. Defence company Raytheon sub-contracts to develop other major parts of the system, such as ground-based radar.


In 2011, the UAE became the first country outside of the US to buy two THAAD missile defence systems. It then stationed them in 2016, becoming the first Gulf country to do so.


Name: Haltia.ai
Started: 2023
Co-founders: Arto Bendiken and Talal Thabet
Based: Dubai, UAE
Industry: AI
Number of employees: 41
Funding: About $1.7 million
Investors: Self, family and friends


November 13-14: Abu Dhabi World Youth Jiu-Jitsu Championship
November 15-16: Abu Dhabi World Masters Jiu-Jitsu Championship
November 17-19: Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship followed by the Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Awards

UAE currency: the story behind the money in your pockets

Cagliari 5-2 Fiorentina
Udinese 0-0 SPAL
Sampdoria 0-0 Atalanta
Lazio 4-2 Lecce
Parma 2-0 Roma
Juventus 1-0 AC Milan

The story of Edge

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, established Edge in 2019.

It brought together 25 state-owned and independent companies specialising in weapons systems, cyber protection and electronic warfare.

Edge has an annual revenue of $5 billion and employs more than 12,000 people.

Some of the companies include Nimr, a maker of armoured vehicles, Caracal, which manufactures guns and ammunitions company, Lahab



1) Kepa Arrizabalaga, Athletic Bilbao to Chelsea (£72m)

2) Alisson, Roma to Liverpool (£67m)

3) Ederson, Benfica to Manchester City (£35m)

4) Gianluigi Buffon, Parma to Juventus (£33m)

5) Angelo Peruzzi, Inter Milan to Lazio (£15.7m


Company name: Alaan
Started: 2021
Based: Dubai
Founders: Parthi Duraisamy and Karun Kurien
Sector: FinTech
Investment stage: $7 million raised in total — $2.5 million in a seed round and $4.5 million in a pre-series A round

In The Heights

Directed by: Jon M. Chu

Stars: Anthony Ramos, Lin-Manual Miranda

Rating: ****

Director: Nag Ashwin

Starring: Prabhas, Saswata Chatterjee, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Shobhana

Rating: ★★★★

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