UAE to see run of cloudy days with light rain

Dubai hit with light showers throughout Saturday morning

The UAE is experiencing unsettled weather. Pawan Singh / The National
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After another wet weekend, the UAE will continue to experience unsettled weather and extended cloud cover with chances of some rain in areas.

Dubai had rain from the early hours of Saturday, and according to forecasts there is more to come.

Sunday was mostly dry inland with some showers on the coast. Temperatures reached 33°C in Abu Dhabi and 34°C in Dubai, while both had lows of 24°C.


Abu Dhabi will be warmer with a top temperature of 35°C, with Dubai a couple of degrees cooler, and lows of 26°C and 27°C respectively.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology, rain is expected in every emirate, however the forecasting software shows rain clouds out at sea dissipating by the time they make landfall.


Tuesday will also be rainy in every emirate according to NCM, and shows Abu Dhabi should experience a particularly concentrated storm around sunrise.

Temperatures will cool dramatically from the start of the week, with top temperatures down to the high 20s, with nights bringing the mercury down a couple more degrees.


Brighter weather is forecast for Wednesday, with relatively low highs of 27°C in Abu Dhabi and 26°C in Dubai, and nights dropping to 20°C. Sweihan will experience a particularly cool evening of 15°C.


Staying in the 20s, Abu Dhabi will be bright with some cloud cover, experiencing highs of 28°C and lows dipping below 20°C. Dubai will be slightly cooler during the day at 26°C with a warmer night high of 22°C. Al Ain will have a similar warmth during the day as Abu Dhabi, but temperatures will drop to 13°C overnight.

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