The high-tech trend putting traditional mattresses to bed in Dubai

Forget firm, medium or soft - now you can choose bedroom furniture that monitors your sleep patterns

The smart bed that can help you track your sleep

The smart bed that can help you track your sleep
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Smart beds are the latest wellness devices that aim to improve sleep patterns by monitoring how often people wake each night and profiling nocturnal behaviour.

Beds for Dh2.6 million ($700,000) have already been sold in Dubai, with a Dh20,000 ($5,500) bed linked to a smartwatch the latest device hoping to break through into the market.

Retailers have claimed there is a greater interest in the beds in Dubai as more residents choose to buy, rather than rent, property in the Emirates. The trend is also being boosted by the popular wellness market for innovative lifestyle products with experts reiterating the importance of sleep in maintaining good health.

The booming wellness industry is thought to be playing a part in the sales of smart beds, which include features such as bio-sensors, vibrating headboards and performance-tracking systems that offer data on sleep patterns.

There's been a lot of interest since we launched it. A mattress is the most important component you should get for your house
Mubashir Shaffi, The Mattress Store’s co-founder and managing director

Other features include a pre-programmable alarm with data that can be transferred to a smartwatch and mobile app, allowing users to track how often they wake, as well as their breathing and heart rate.

Some models, such as the Garmin smart bed start at Dh20,400 ($5,500) for a king-size bed, however, retailers claim people are willing to invest in their sleep as the wellness market booms.

“The most expensive mattress we've sold is $700,000 which is made by Hastens, but this is different,” Mubashir Shaffi, The Mattress Store’s co-founder and managing director said.

Mr Shaffi’s company manufactures more than 800 mattresses a day.

One smart bed that is a relatively new product, the ErgoSportive sleep system, is reportedly generating interest.

“We’ve seen analytics on your smartwatches before, but tracking sleep in this way is fairly new,” said Mr Shaffi.

“There's been a lot of interest since we launched it. A mattress is the most important component you should get for your house, so you should invest in it.

“We're noticing is more people are making Dubai their home, so they are looking into investing in furniture long term.”

As the luxury item has only recently gone on sale, it remains too early to tell if customers will find it is a price worth paying for a good night's sleep.

Importance of sleep

Doctors have long stressed the importance of being well rested to reach optimum performance during the day.

“Without appropriate sleep, in terms of timing and quality of the sleep, our daily function is affected negatively,” said Dr Shadi Sharifi, a neurologist and certified sleep medicine specialist at Saudi German Hospital in Dubai.

“We classify poor sleep quality or quantity by acute, intermediate or chronic insomnia.

“There are tools for screening to measure and classify the type of sleep or insomnia.”

Dr Sharifi said there are about 80 recognised types of sleep disorders, and people should be aiming for seven to nine hours a night.

A lack of sleep can lead to hypertension, abnormal brain activities, seizures and other nocturnal disorders.

“If we don't respect a regular bedtime we cannot catch up on sleep later,” she said.

“However, our sleep is improved by regular exercise during the day.

“So if we have a healthy life, we sleep better and if you sleep better, we can have a healthy life.”

Best sleep tips

The US Centres for Disease Control recommends a consistent sleep time inside a bedroom that is quiet, dark, cool and relaxing.

It is recommended to avoid the use of electrical devices for at least an hour before sleeping, as well as large meals, caffeine and alcohol.

Dr Noordin Wadhvaniya, a respiratory specialist at Canadian Specialist Hospital in Dubai, said sleep can also regulate a healthy weight.

“It is restorative, that is it allows our body to repair and rebuild and helps in muscle repair, protein synthesis and tissue growth,” he said.

“Sleep is a powerful stress reliever that also improves our concentration and mood.

“It can help maintain a healthy body weight by regulating hunger and appetite hormones in the brain.

“Studies have shown that people who sleep less than seven hours per night may have wide-ranging effects on the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, and nervous systems, including obesity and diabetes.

“It is hugely important to us.”

Updated: February 12, 2024, 9:31 AM