Terror suspects' plot foiled, Abu Dhabi court hears

Eighty-four defendants on trial charged with establishing secret terror group

Eighty-four defendants are facing terror charges. Photo: Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
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Members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood established a secret terrorist organisation to orchestrate an attack on UAE soil, an Abu Dhabi court heard.

Prosecutors said dozens of defendants accused of terrorism charges were leading players in an organisation called the "Justice and Dignity Committee", which sought to stir up public dissent by organising protests and demonstrations against the state and creating violent clashes with security services.

The 84 defendants – most of whom authorities say are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood – are being tried at Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal, otherwise known as the State Security Court.

The court previously heard allegations of money laundering against five defendants and six companies used to finance the clandestine terror group.

On Wednesday, prosecutors presented technical reports, audio and visual material, as well as written documents, which it said proved the involvement of the defendants in the plot.

State news agency Wam shared details of the prosecution's arguments on Thursday night.

Prosecutors cited confessions by the defendants and the testimonies of media experts tasked with monitoring their online activity, including tweets and blogs which set out their action plan.

Defence counsels for the accused were present at the hearing, along with their family members.

The court is to continue hearing the prosecution case on Thursday, February 15.

The charges against the defendants, who have not been identified, refer directly to establishing "another clandestine organisation for the purpose of committing acts of violence and terrorism on UAE soil", Wam previously reported.

The defendants are accused of trying to conceal the crime and evidence of it before they were arrested and charged, the agency said.

"Acting on a body of evidence gathered by investigation, the Attorney General ordered a probe into the details of this crime, with legal representation assigned for each suspect," it said.

"After nearly six months of investigation yielding sufficient evidence of its commission, the Attorney General [Hamad Al Shamsi] referred the defendants for trial."

Updated: February 08, 2024, 7:19 PM